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Thyro-Boost Essentials
Thyro-Boost Essentials

Thyro-Boost Essentials

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Thyro-Boost Essentials provides mineral and herbal support for a properly functioning thyroid, without the use of glandular extracts like our original Thyro-Boost. You would utilize this product when you are looking to provide support in creating an optimal thyroid output but you don't need the stronger support that Thyro-Boost provides.

In some cases, the body may not produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormones critical to supporting a healthy metabolism and overall health. The Thyro-Boost Essentials formula features clinically effective doses of key vitamins and minerals.†

The thyroid gland supports healthy metabolism and produces hormones affecting nearly every cell in the body. The thyroid needs certain micronutrients to promote healthy metabolism. The Thyro-Boost Essentials formula helps support the body’s normal hormonal functions by supplying additional micronutrients.†

Clinical evidence and research cited herein show that the ingredients in thyro-boost essentials may:

• Promote healthy thyroid function†
• Promote overall health and wellness†
• Support healthy stress response†
• Support healthy hormone levels†