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SteelFit Thigh Trimmer

SteelFit Thigh Trimmer

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ncrease Circulation, Sweat More, and Maximize Fat Burning!*

Athlete Pictured: IFBB Pro Ana Paula

Features and Benefits

✓ Increases Circulation, Heat Production, and Sweat
 Made From Latex Free Neoprene
 Textured Inner Gride Lining Repels Moisture Absorption
 Contoured and Flexible for Comfortable Workouts
 One Size Fits Most
 Includes Two Thigh Trimmers (One for Each Leg)

What It Does

Use Buns of Steel® in combination with your SteelFit® Thigh Trimmers and you will be amazed how much more sweat you will achieve than using the Thigh Trimmers alone. Before exercise apply an ample amount of Buns of Steel® to your thigh area. Place SteelFit® Thigh Trimmers around the thigh and begin your workout.